Welcome to Jefferson Park
Seattle's premier view park on Beacon Hill

Jefferson Park, which graces the crest of Beacon Hill with premier views to downtown Seattle, Elliott Bay, the Olympic Mountains, and even Mt Baker to the northeast, was part of the original Olmsted park plan for Seattle. Developed in the early 1900s, it was a treasure to the neighborhood and well used by the richly diverse local population. Over time, many of the original park spaces were given away to other interests, including the large Veteran's Hospital on its south edge. Two reservoirs, one unused, dominated the western portion of the park. By the 1990s, much of the park was obscured behind barbed-wire fences and low on the priority list for park maintenance and development.

Through community advocacy, neighborhood planning and campaigning for the Pro-Parks levy, the Jefferson Park Alliance helped secure $8 million for the reconstruction of Jefferson Park, the first phase of which was completed in late 2010. Jefferson Park has now been restored to its role as the treasure of Beacon Hill, a great meeting place for neighbors, a regional sports facility and a stunning city park. Walking paths wander through a large meadow, a large sports field has been built on the buried reservoir, and a portion of the old reservoir wall creates a gorgeous viewpoint that looks out over the city and Puget Sound. More facilities are slated for completion in the next few years. One, the Beacon Mountain Playground, will include a spray park, slides, zip lines, climbing rocks, a canyon and a viewing platform, as well as picnic grounds in the area around it. A skate park is planned for the area near the community center, and planning work is being done for a large "food forest" area of permaculture plantings for the meadows above Columbian Way south. In addition, Parks is planning to rebuild the Jefferson Playfield adjacent to Mercer Middle School.

jpa playground

The Jefferson Park Alliance (JPA) was formed by neighborhood residents and other park users as an advocacy voice for Jefferson Park. Our mission is to create a park that can be loved and used by the community, and reflects the intent of the Olmsted Brothers’ plan. Everyone is welcome to join our efforts to continually improve our park. As construction is finishing on many projects, we will be looking to continuing planning and beginning more small community projects and gardens in the park. We will look toward holding events in the park and keeping it safe, clean and beautiful.

Contact us anytime, and we'll see you in Jefferson Park!